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Episode 1: CSS is coming soon :-)

By codemongrel

Welcome to the first episode of Code Mongrel – a podcast covering Open Source technologies and software development. Please use the following mp3 or ogg (3:43) links to listen – whichever depending on how much you love freedom…

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A special thanks to Josh Woodward for kindly providing the Code Mongrel theme tune. The song is Sticky Bee and if you want to hear more of Josh’s great work, check out his collection at It rocks!

Show Notes

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Code Mongrel Podcast by Code Mongrel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

4 Responses to Episode 1: CSS is coming soon :-)

  1. Jaime Hemmett


    I love your short format! Ofcourse can’t hurt to hear about maybe we can talk a little bit about what will be going on during an August edition :D .

  2. Ryan

    Alright Declan? David Wilson pimped your show to the BLUG-chat list. As he said, good to have “open source news with a local accent” :-)

    Some suggestions / requests for you, if you’re taking:

    - Please choose a sane filename format, for those times when we can’t sort by ID3 info. Something like CM001_ would be better before the short descriptive title than just 1_.

    - Well formed ID3v1/2 tags would be lovely :-)

    - Fair enough if you only mean to aim at locals, but having been over in England studying of late I reckon you could stand to slow your pace of speech just a little sometimes, for the benefit of everyone who’s not from here!

    Lookin’ forward to hearing more. I agree with Jaime above the bulletin format is nice. Discussions with guests are good too, maybe you’ll mix it up a bit as time goes on. Well done for starting, all the best!

  3. Michael

    Short-cast is a good idea, but can you slow down your rate of speech? Even though I’m from Cork I still found it hard to keep up :D

  4. codemongrel

    Cheers for the feedback folks! Mucho apreciĆ³.

    I was wondering how to pace the speech. I did a few trials speaking slowly but it came across a little flat and deflated. Kind of like a cricket commentator on a rainy Sunday!

    I’ll slow it down for the next episode and if it starts to sound like the boring monotonous priest in Father Ted we can get a couple of Cork people on to liven things up :-)

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