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Episode 2: A Festivus for the REST of us!

By codemongrel

Welcome to the second episode of Code Mongrel – a podcast covering Open Source technologies and software development. This week’s show takes a look the REST architecture for delivering web services and is available at the following links (high quality formats recommended)

Running time 05:47.


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Big thanks to Tony Whitmore and the folks at the Ubuntu UK Podcast for the fabulous podcast encoding script Podcoder, which takes the pain out of generating all the different podcast file formats. And thanks to Herbert Boland for making some great sound samples available which we’ve used in the podcast on The Freesound Project.


Show Notes


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1 Response to Episode 2: A Festivus for the REST of us!

  1. richard

    Great work!

    Illuminating and insightful:

    RTE need to step up to the plate when it comes to releasing Free software before they become the laughing stock of the international broadcasting community – along with: CNN and ABC and NewsCorp and MSNBC.

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