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Episode 4 – OSS Barcamp – Make some FOSS Friends!

By codemongrel

Episode 4 is out the door! This week we caught up with Jaime Hemmett and Justin Kelly in the Longstone bar in Dublin to find out what’s going to be happening at Ireland’s premier Open Source Software unconferenece – OSS Barcamp! Unfortunately we picked footie night to record the episode so you may hear some Celtic and Arsenal chanting from the plasma tv’s dotted around the pub – it all adds to the atmosphere!

A sincere apology to anyone who is finding that the podcast feed is downloading all four formats (high/low oggs/mp3s) at once. We promised we would fix this before releasing another episode but haven’t gotten the time yet. Never trust a software developer to give a realistic time estimate :-) We will try to do this before the next episode. (Promise!).


And please let us know if you’ve any other other feedback via our twitter account (codemongrel) or post a comment below! We’d love to find out what you like or dislike (shock horror!) about the show.


Episode 4 is available at the following links (high quality formats recommended)

Running time 16:06.


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Some credits

  • Music by Josh Woodward (Sticky Bee), see
  • Sound Editing Software (Audacity) by the wonderful Audacity development team, available at
  • The wonderful Open Source community based in Dublin – you rock!


Show Notes


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