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Episode 6 – DrupalCamp Belfast – Getting into Drupal Development

By codemongrel

Episode 6 is go! What? No episode 5? Well, we’ve gone a bit Pulp Fiction this week and given short shrift to doing things in a sequential order. The truth is we were cooking episode 5 last week and then DrupalCamp Belfast came along and was just so fantastic we had to rush an episode dedicated to it out the door!


So what is Drupal? It’s an Open Source content management platform with a strong community focus. We’re lucky enough to have an interview with Drupal Core developer Stella Power about getting into Drupal development along with a summary of some the goings on at the conf. The event took place at NICVA‘s HQ and a massive thanks to them and all the organisers who ensured it was a cracking event!


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Episode 6 is available at the following links (high quality formats recommended)

Running time 11:09.


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Some credits

  • Music by Josh Woodward (Sticky Bee), see
  • Sound Editing Software (Audacity) by the wonderful Audacity development team, available at
  • Ireland’s awesome Open Source community – just too cool!


Show Notes

  • Drupal Project – an Open Source content management platform with a strong community focus
  • NICVA – the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, the umbrella body for voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland
  • Drupal 7 Usability Tests – Examples of Usability Tests on Vimeo that the Drupal is using to improve quality. Easily find Drupal 7 Usability Tests by searching for the ‘d7ux’ tag on Vimeo
  • Drupal Documentation Team – The good folks dedicated to keeping Drupal’s documentation clear and concise
  • DrupalCamp Belfast – Watch this space for the next event – let’s hope it’s soon!
  • Irish Drupal Group – The number one place to catch folks from the ever-expanding Drupal community in Ireland and Northern Ireland


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