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Season 2 Episode 4: Python – I’m all about you, dude!

By codemongrel

The countdown timer is ticking! PyCon Ireland 2010 is only just around the corner! It all goes down on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of July at the Dublin School of English on Wellington Quay, Dublin 2. Back again around the mic are Python Ireland members Alan Kennedy, Michael Twomey, Vishal Vatsa and Tendayi Mawushe; taking us on a fascinating tour through the exciting world of Python, with a few small Ruby interjections :-) , covering

  • Dundermethods – Double Underscore methods in Python
  • PyCharm – the Python IDE from JetBrains (for Ruby, check out their RubyMine IDE)
  • Pickle – Serializating objects in Python
  • Jython, Rubinius and the wonderful world of Mutli VMs
  • Approach to patterns in dynamic languages – To Russ Olsen, author of the great Design Patterns in Ruby, a massive apology for forgetting your surname halfway through the podcast!


This week we’ve also got a great competition to bring you, courtesy of the PyCon Ireland organisers. We’ve been given a full weekend ticket, worth 60 Euro, to give away to one lucky winner. For more details, listen to the podcast and win your way to this weekend’s event!


We’d love to hear your opinion, especially if you’ve got some feedback on what you’d like to see in PyCon Ireland. You can leave feedback via the any of following

  • Twitter account (codemongrel)
  • Post a comment at the thread relating to this episode on the ossdev-ireland googlegroup
  • Or simply add a comment to this blog post


Season 2 Episode 4 is available at the following links (high quality formats recommended)

Running time 36:22.


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2 Responses to Season 2 Episode 4: Python – I’m all about you, dude!

  1. Russ Olsen

    Olsen! Olsen! Actually you can call me any name you like as long as you keep saying nice things about my book.

    Thanks for the kind words – I enjoyed the podcast.


  2. codemongrel

    Cheers Russ! I have your surname locked into my head now! I’ll keep saying good things about the book – thanks for writing it!

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