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Season 2 Episode 3: On PyCon Ireland 2010 and the role of Open Source

There’s a few snakes that St. Patrick forgot to drive out of Ireland and as it turns out they’ll all Python programmers! This month we get a chance to talk about the upcoming PyCon Ireland event on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of July at Dublin School of English on Wellington Quay, Dublin 2. Around [...]


Episode 6 – DrupalCamp Belfast – Getting into Drupal Development

Episode 6 is go! What? No episode 5? Well, we’ve gone a bit Pulp Fiction this week and given short shrift to doing things in a sequential order. The truth is we were cooking episode 5 last week and then DrupalCamp Belfast came along and was just so fantastic we had to rush an episode [...]


Episode 4 – OSS Barcamp – Make some FOSS Friends!

Episode 4 is out the door! This week we caught up with Jaime Hemmett and Justin Kelly in the Longstone bar in Dublin to find out what’s going to be happening at Ireland’s premier Open Source Software unconferenece – OSS Barcamp! Unfortunately we picked footie night to record the episode so you may hear some [...]